Sunday, November 21, 2010

The latest


These are my newest experiment.  They're called image transfer.  You basically cut out a design (that there are two of) in paper that you like, use a special product to attach it to these aluminum discs (very light weight) and then after the product dries, you soak them in water and rub off the paper.  It SOUNDS a lot easier than it actually was.  These are a gift for a friend and will be the only time I make image transfer pieces.  :)

These earrings are for my mom who LOVES earrings to be intentionally asymmetrical.  She's a quilter and does many things using fabric  (fiber arts is the technical term I believe). So, I knew she'd LOVE the black & white polka dot fabric beads as well as the pink batik fabric beads.  She picked out the abalone beads while we were at a bead shop in Black Mountain, NC when I was home this summer, and they'll go with just about anything as well.  They were fun to make and I know that sometimes a few new pair of earrings makes her happy.  :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Precious Metal Clay

Here's what I've been experimenting with lately.  It's precious metal clay which when fired and polished becomes .999 fine silver.  Here are the two pieces I made:

I was looking to do something like an antique seal (think wax seal) or a kind of crest for our family and I LOVE the results!

The impression on the back of first piece,

My second piece.  It also has the same back as the first piece.  A significant word for life for me lately.  Embellished with a coin-pearl and a bali silver flower.